The Brief History of Trabas

Trabas was founded in 1995 in Bandung - one of Indonesia's incubators for IT startups. After exploring all available technologies, we fell in love with Linux, particularly on how it gives more power to customers and developers. Our research resulted in Trabas's first package - the X-Office Linux Server - which since its first launch in mid-1997 has proven itself a business success as well as a technological success.

In the year 2000 we moved our business office to Jakarta, to better serve our fast growing customer base. However, we maintain our Bandung-based TrabasLabs and investing in the best brains and methods. More products were available to serve our customers, including Trabas Billing (since 2001) and Trabas Financials (since 2002) - our strongest product lines.

Another killer technology is our application development framework - Trabas DataWeb. It allows us to cut development time, reduce development team size, while at the same time improving software quality and simplify bug fixing. With Trabas DataWeb, we are now able to deliver faster, add more modules on our existing products, and keep our team slim.

We invite you to join us, witnessing our journey, and share our vision of the future.